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insurance claimsUnfortunately, when a high wind or hail storm comes through our area, we have little control over the damage it can do. High force Winds, rain, hail, tree branches, and other debris can be thrown around during the storm. Damage can be done to any outside surface of your home including your roof, siding, windows, doors, decks, patios, and more.

Insurance companies sell homeowners hazard insurance that is required by your mortgage lender. The policy will cover specific damages that occur during high winds or hail storms and more. Natural disasters are covered under the policy to protect you from the expense if they occur.

Your homeowner’s hazard insurance policy will also state the procedure that you need to follow if damage occurs to your home, and insurance companies expect the home owner to follow the outlined procedures. If not, the homeowner can be risking funding for such repairs.

Many homeowners don’t know that they can use the services of restoration experts like us. As general contractors and restoration specialists, we can legally help you through all your insurance processes in order to help you achieve the most from your claims.

The first thing you’ll need to do after experiencing damage to your home is to call in a professional that can help you. Calling us first can ensure that every step is made appropriately and properly. Call your insurance company right away as well to notify them of the damage.

An insurance adjuster and restoration specialist will be assigned by your insurance company. The adjuster will administrate any claims and the restoration specialist (or inspector) will view your damage and make report to the insurance company. These entities work for your insurance company, not you -the homeowner.

Therefore, it’s vital for you to get someone to represent your interests. You need someone on your side to assist you with information and an organized plan to make the repairs.

Our restoration specialists will respond to your call and come to assess the damage as well. We’ll provide you with proof and paperwork needed and many times can work directly with your insurance adjuster. We provide estimates the insurance company requires and will take care of negotiating the amount they intend to pay on the claim.

Hail Damage

Damage done by hail normally comes in the form of denting, pitting, or cracking of shingles. Smaller hail can cause pitting, while larger sizes can actually crack and break off even flexible shingles. Asphalt over time will crack, but with an added hailstorm, your roof could need replacing way sooner than it should.

Your insurance company may refuse to pay the claim for roof repairs if past damage is noted by the insurance inspector. Utilizing a professional company like ours will give you an advantage if this is the case. We can sometimes find evidence that the roof will need repair or replacement regardless of past damages.

Wind Damage

High force winds are a common cause of roofing and siding damage on homes. Some materials hold up better to high winds than others. For example, a metal roof will withstand hurricane force winds and will experience much less damage than the regular asphalt shingled roof.

Your roof may need just a few shingles replaced or large sections replaced. You’ll want to be sure your materials match and that the repair is done expertly so you don’t have to worry about future leaking or further damage done to underlying materials.

No matter what the damage is from, if it’s covered under your insurance policy you will have everything you need to handle the situation if you call on our professionals here at Severe Weather Roofing & Restoration, LLC.

We are committed to serve and represent you during one of the most difficult times in your life, recovering from natural disasters like hail or wind storms.

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